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Marley Yerba Mate ® is a USDA organic, clean energy tea from South America that sharpens and rejuvenates the mind for an enduring boost.  

Our core ethos is to use organic ingredients and natural caffeine ("clean energy") directly from nature. Clean Energy is a pure source of naturally-occurring caffeine, free of artificial or chemical additives. With 150 mg of organic caffeine, Marley Yerba Mate reinforces the power that drives you.   

Marley Yerba Mate is available in a range of tropical flavors like mango, berry, lemon, and mint. Here's what goes into making our unique yerba mate...  

One Love   

Marley Yerba Mate is created with Bob Marley's family and designed to energize and focus the mind with authentic ingredients.   

Bob Marley's music and teachings still reach millions of people who believe in the power of creativity, nature, and freedom. We make yerba mate inspired by these ethics.   

Marley Yerba Mate pulls its stamina from the earth and moves back to nature, away from processed ingredients. We use the lowest amounts of sugar, calories, and carbohydrates among leading yerba mates to positively impact your lifestyle.  

Authentic South American Tea   

Marley Yerba Mate stays true to traditional yerba mate by using authentic South American tea. We seek to give each can the freshness of ripe fruit, with earthy tastes that combine the energy-boosting power of coffee with the antioxidant richness of tea, under a grounded but crisp taste.    

For us, natural means bold. Marley Yerba Mate celebrates the real flavor of mate, which is why we don't over-sweeten it. Our followers call Marley Yerba Mate, "exactly what a tea should taste like." By using less sugar Marley Yerba Mate achieves transparent sweetness with Organic pure cane sugar... also from the ripe, rich earth.   

Natural infusions of organic raspberry sweetness, bright lemon, tropical mango, and cooling mint give a range of flavors to explore. Marley Yerba Mate is offered in:   

USDA Organic    

Marley Yerba Mate uplifts from what is natural. For that purpose, our ingredients are USDA-certified Organic. We use organic yerba mate leaf extract for purity of taste and the cleanest energy for your body.   

We bear our USDA Organic Certification proudly on each can of Marley Yerba Mate. The white and green seal means our mate is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and not processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering.    

Going organic is Marley Yerba Mate's way of showing support for farming practices that recycle resources and promote ecological balance and conservation.   

Natural Caffeine  

Marley Yerba Mate is an energy drink for those who don't want chemicals or artificial ingredients. Our naturally-sourced ingredients bring your mind to life without a sudden energy drop.   

Marley Mate boosts productivity, creativity, and focus by delivering a clean and sustained force of energy. The jolt is similar to coffee but without the shakes and jitters.   

We use naturally-occurring caffeine to protect against sudden drops in vitality, and each can of Marley Yerba Mate has a total of 150 mg of clean caffeine- two servings of 75 mg. Our caffeine derives from yerba mate tea leaves and organic green coffee beans.   

We are driven by the goal of clean, natural energy, keeping with Bob Marley's belief that the natural world provides the purest ingredients for mental and physical wellbeing.     

Low-Calorie, Low Sodium, & Low Carb  

Yerba mate is naturally low in calories. Among leading yerba mates, Marley has the lowest calories without sacrificing taste and ingredients, at 40 calories per serving. Our philosophy is to brew smart hydration choices that make it easier to live healthy.     

Compared to standard energy drinks that have roughly 65-70mg of sodium, Marley Yerba Mate has only 20mg per serving. A healthy amount of sodium from drinks that propel your health can be beneficial by replacing electrolytes, hydrating your body, and helping your muscles and nerves. Marley Yerba Mate doesn't want to remove sodium completely but keeps the dose low so you can enjoy more.    

Marley Yerba Mate also promotes balance with only 10g of carbohydrates per serving, while other brands have 30-40g.